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Homemade Cat Diet Thinking About? What You Should Know

Homemade Cat Diet If you are one of millions of Americans who love cute (and well-prepared) cat foods and peas on YouTube and one, you will keep thinking if your cat can eat from your production drawer. So.

But when fruits and vegetables are ideal for healthy human diet, then your cat macro needs a different set.

Here you need to know about eating healthy home cat.

Homemade Cat Diet Nutrition :

Homemade Cat Diet Nutrition
Homemade Cat Diet Nutrition

Cats need a special number of calories, weight, and weight every day, and they are sprayed or cleaned. Use this nutritional calculation for how many calories you need each day, cats.

Homemade Cat Diet Once you need your cat’s calories, you have to calculate the amount of every consumer to eat in your cat’s home appliances. Macronutrients include carbs, fat, and protein. Each makes your cat food a part of a large number of calories and should be balanced carefully.

Your cat’s diet should contain 52% protein, 35% fat, and 12.5% carbohs.

Homemade Cat DietProtein :

Homemade Cat DietProtein
Homemade Cat DietProtein

Cats are infinite by nature, so limiting one fruit and wigs to your cat can only be very harmful. Actually, cats body weight requires at least 2 grams of protein per hour. So if your cat is weighing 10 pounds, it needs 20 grams of protein every day. Since each gram protein contains 4 calories, it is only 80 calories from protein.

The best form of protein for your cat is animal-based protein. Unfortunately, mostly dry foods contain mostly vegetable proteins. If you are becoming healthy home cooking, choose the option of chicken, turkey and fish. Cook any protein that you use as raw or trapped meat may include bacteria which are harmful to your cat.

Some cats also enjoy red red meat like Lambney. Avoid alternatives like meat or sun because they contain extraordinary extra extra sodium, and are more fat in chicken, turkey, or fish than fish.

Thick :

After Homemade Cat Diet protein, your cat is the most important part of the diet. Fat helps your cat to vessel and use essential vitamins and is the main source of energy. However, gram 9 grams per kilogram contains fat, so your cat just needs a small amount to meet its daily needs.

Fat must calculate about 35% of your cat food. If you are using fatty fish such as salon in your cat’s nutrition, you do not need to increase the maximum. Your cat food includes non-variable vegetable oil and animal fat in healthy sources of fat.

However, with some health problems, some cats require less fat. Check with your animals to make sure you give your cat a healthy amount of fat.

Carbus :

Homemade Cat Diet By nature, cats require minimum carbonus. Actually, there is a sweet flavor receptor in your cat’s tongue. In addition, your cat digestive system is not equipped to break seats. So it is important to select the correct carbus to add a small amount.

The best source of carbs for your cat is non-profit, natural food which contains high water content such as fruits and vegetables. However, options like grapes, Mumbai, onion, garlic and eukodhya are poisonous for cats.

For a healthy home cat, apples, pears, cats, carrots, maternity and a canopy.

If you are thinking about making your cat food scratches, there are many benefits, but think that it is hard to love. Pay attention to the ingredients that you are using and make sure you meet your cat’s nutritional needs. If you have any questions or concerns, consult your experts.

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