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How many Kittens can a Cat have?

How many Kittens can a Cat have?

So how many kittens can a cat have? If you decide to breed from your female cat, it is not recommended that she becomes pregnant in her first estruses. Which occurs around between 6-9 months. Short haired cats mature faster as compared to long haired cat breeds, however. At this time, though she may be fertile. She is not physically be ready, from the time when she has not yet grown up properly. If she falls pregnant while she is still growing herself, it could possibly exploit her growth. It is just like a 13-year-old girl having a baby! So it is best to wait for a few months before you have her covered by a male exaggerated cat. In the meantime, good luck keeping all those affectionate toms male cats) away!

The question about how many kittens can a cat have depends upon your female cat, how much she is experienced with mating to labour stage. The younger the cat, the scarcer the number of kittens she can expect to have at the first mating. A younger female will undoubtedly only produce two or three baby kittens. Furthermore a few years later it can be up to five but it can be as many as eight.


This is due to the fact that your female cat (the queen) can have as many as three pregnancies a year. And she can produce as many as six to twenty-four baby kitten, it is best to have her sterilised. If this birth rate continued abundantly and you left it unchecked. The poor lady will have given birth to around 180 kitties during her entire lifetime, if not more. Because older cats do not necessarily become sterilised and cats can live into their late teens without any problem at all!


How many kittens can a cat have is now a question that you could easily answer. But keep in mind that this is not normal for your female cat. This matter should be under your surveillance and you should monitor about it that how much your litter should be filled with cute little kittens.

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